Genealogy Of the Holy War

The end of the wars...

The group that once battled to end this war for their side has since disbanded. They remained in contact and some mated, having quite powerful children. They still serve their nation, helping in dire times and have since grown strong.

World background

This takes place in the same world as the Fate campaign. Years after Zephiel and Yahiko ascended, the great hero Tyrone defeated emperor Julio Cheazare in one on one combat for his kingdom. Tyrone spent most his time trying to militarize magic, make the only mages on that half of the world belong to him. He succeeded, and magic became a military only type thing. Around this time a country to the west named Magvel formed, and due to Hero King Tyrone’s political skills an healthy friendship was formed. Three hundred years later, a man named Lord Alvis, a former general in the military, rose to power in Jugdral, and waged war on Magvel.

Beginning of Campaign

Alvis: So, I have gathered the seven of you here today for a reason. That reason is, you seven are to be my elite soldiers. Your jobs will be to take out high priority targets, ensure the plans go off without a hitch, make said plans, and lead us to victory against Magvel. Aragorn, your job is to lead the group, make sure they do not do anything that would reflect bad on the empire.
Kayle, You are to support the front line fighters by wrecking havoc upon the enemies.
Miranda, You will make sure everyone’s wounds are taken care of.
(Kyle’s character), You are to smash things and fight on the front lines.
Asgier, You will make sure they can survive in tricky situations through your…paranoia.
Azuri, you are to support with your nature magics and to Shine during stealth ops.
And you, Severa, are to be the tactician. If that is all clear, you are to march west as soon as possible.

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